"Spread your wings, not your legs."
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Vieira Rodrigues (Portuguese, b. 1947), Meteor, 2013. Enamel on acrylic glass, 100 x 90 cm.
I still find pieces of you in the back of my mind.

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A great addition to your garden or back yard. - Bee watering station. 
Bees need water just like we do but often times drown in open water. To make a bee watering station you can either do what is shown in the photo above and fill the bowl of a dog/cat watering jug with stones or you can fill a small dish with marbles and add water to that. That way the bees have something to land on!

First post to get this many notes, and I’m so glad it’s this one. ^_^

No fuck bees kill them all

Kill all bees huh? Bees are responsible for pollinating around 80% of agriculture. Bees die, you die. Do research and get over your fears.

bees are so important save the bees

This bra is perfect
Wander a whole summer if you can. The time will not be taken from the sum of life. Instead of shortening, it will indefinitely lengthen it and make you truly immortal.

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